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Mental Toughness & Fundamentals Basketball Camp


In today’s competitive sports environment, it has become a necessity for players and coaches to gain experience and develop skills. The issue is that winning is so important in our culture that player development takes a back seat.

July 20-24 from 8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.
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Coed, current 6th-12th graders
Bus services to Murfreesboro available
Cost: $250

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Many players are asking themselves some tough questions.

  • How do I fit on the team on which I play?

  • How do I stand out to my coach?

  • What is my job on the basketball court?

  • How do I know what I need to be improving?

  • How do I earn more playing time?!?

  • How do I build mental toughness and reach peak performance levels consistently?

All of these questions tend to leave "Doubt," the enemy of being a successful and impact player. "Doubt" has several helpers to aid it in attacking your confidence. Whether it's other players taking the playing time you want or the coach not picking you for the team. Maybe it's trainers or online videos with drills that aren't what you need or giving you the improvement necessary to excel. This "Doubt" leaves you lost, confused, feeling unimportant, believing you're not good enough, or simply discouraged.

Coaches should be able to notice players for their strengths. Everyone should know where they can fit in on a team. All players should be able to compete for playing time legitimately. We know that players aren't getting the fundamentals they need.  Not being fundamentally sound, makes it very hard to identify overall individual strengths and weaknesses. Our Mental Toughness, Roles, & Skills Mini-Camp helps players to understand where they fit and how to get noticed by the coaching staff quickly. We engage in workshops to clarify roles and build confidence in a player's importance to their team. We have insightful conversations that eliminate the confusion about improvement and help to set goals that are relevant.

Over the last five years, Coach Dickson has helped over 120 athletes make teams around the area and developed hundreds of players into much better contributors for their team.

During this clinic, athletes will journey through an important four-step process.

1.      Identify strengths and skills as well as mental weaknesses that are holding them back

2.      Determine which of the 15 positional archetypes fit their skillset

3.      Learn the role and responsibilities of the different positional archetypes

4.      Develop a plan to improve and master their chosen role(s) while gaining tools to foster mental toughness

Investing five days of your summer break may be one of the best things you do all year. Join others who have dedicated this time to accelerate their development and maximize training time. Investing this time is a great way to get noticed by your coach and be more confident on the court. Gain a better understanding of your strengths and skill values as it pertains to the team. Work towards getting more playing time and making a bigger impact on the court.