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Safe Start 2020: Webb's Reopening Plan

Safe Start 2020: Webb's Reopening Plan

Dear Webb Families,

We are excited to reopen and greet you in person for our 151st school year!  From my perspective, it could not be clearer that our faculty and staff have missed you very much.  As our excitement grows for Opening Day 2020 and our reunion with our students and parents, we want to reunite safely and manage for the safest fall possible.  Toward that end, we have researched and collaborated with national, state, and local agencies, associations, and peer schools, and created a plan for a safe reopening.  We have chosen the tag line:  Safe Start 2020: Webb’s Reopening Plan.  This plan will be posted on our website, and it will be updated frequently.  What you will see in today’s iteration of the plan is the clarity we have as of Friday, June 19, 2020; we will post updates every two weeks at a minimum.  We will continue a broad, collaborative process of discerning and implementing the emerging best practices for school and community responses to the COVID-19 pandemic.  That said, we are most optimistic that we will be able to create and sustain an environment that will allow the full and robust Webb education that has transformed the lives of thousands of Webb alumni.

Our priority is and has been to learn and collaborate in person, as safely as possible, while providing an online companion, as synchronous as possible, for those students and families who may not be able to start with us and/or who may need to learn from home for short periods of time.  Responding to so many different ideas and uncertainty and providing clarity, we offer our dynamic Safe Start 2020: Webb’s Reopening Plan, which consists of six broad areas.  These categories are interdependent and interconnected, and our leadership team will plan and implement in the same interdependent and interconnected manner to ensure the safest environment possible.                                   

The six broad categories below include live links for you to go deeper in one, some, or all areas, at your leisure and interest.  You will also see the name of the point person for each area should you have additional questions.  Community Events actually encompasses several departments, depending upon the focus of the event, so Mrs. Sullens may connect you to Julie Harris, Director of Enrollment Management, or Matt Wilson, Director of Alumni and Development. 

In closing, I humbly thank you for your continued faith and trust in The Webb School.  I am honored to partner with you in the education of your son or daughter.  I will be in communication with you at least every two weeks with the next update and communication no later than Thursday, July 2nd. At that time, we will announce dates for a series of webinars to give you more detailed information and the opportunity to ask questions.  Safety and blessings to you.


Kenneth C. Cheeseman
Head of School